Finding Their Way: Family Engagement with Digital Math Activities Helps Children Develop Spatial Skills


November 9, 2017

Heather Sherwood and Ashley Lewis Presser, Education Development Center

This guest blog post describes ways that families can use everyday activities to build children’s spatial skills as part of their mathematical thinking. 

Early Education Twitter Chat with MomsRising

October 17, 2017

Join us on Twitter on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at a 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT for an #EarlyEdChat with MomsRising!

Teachers desk with calendar and apple

Tips for Administrators, Teachers, and Families: How to Share Data Effectively

October 10, 2017

Sharing data with families is an essential aspect of supporting children’s learning. These tip sheets guide educators, administrators, and families to effectively share data and act on what the data might be telling them.

Parents with teacher reviewing student work

Parent Teacher Conference Tip Sheets: For Principals, Teachers, and Parents

October 10, 2017

Parent-teacher conferences mark an important milestone in the ongoing conversation between parents and teachers about student progress. These tips sheets--for principals, teachers, and parents-- offer guidance in promoting meaningful home-school communication.

Seven Research-Based Ways Families Promote Early Literacy

September 30, 2017

Families, schools, communities, and libraries work together to promote strong literacy pathways for children.

Welcome to the Global Family Research Project

September 30, 2017

The Harvard Family Research Project separated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to become the Global Family Research Project as of January 1, 2017. It is no longer affiliated with Harvard University. To access Global Family Research Project's website, click here.

Alphabet Letters in a Swirl

Fostering a Love of Literacy: Through Libraries, Schools, and Families


September 27, 2017

Heather B. Weiss

Families, schools, communities, and libraries work together to promote strong literacy pathways for children.

Teacher instructing student

Count on Families! Engaging Families in Math


August 28, 2017

Margaret Caspe

As children return to school this fall, GFRP has compiled a set of research-based tips to help families and educators work together to support children’s mathematical learning.

Members of the 2015-16 Cambridge Youth Council sitting at the mayor's desk.

Youth Taking Leading Roles: Defining and Improving Family Engagement


August 1, 2017

Heather Weiss and Linda Jacobson

GFRP will be capturing the different ways that schools and community organizations are including the voices of children and youth to improve family engagement. Check out this post about how student activities align with the findings of a new national survey on parent engagement.

Book cover with artistic rendition of teachers and students

Libraries for the 21st Century: It’s A Family Thing


March 20, 2017

Family engagement takes place anywhere, anytime children learn—especially in the library! Learn more about how libraries are supporting family engagement through two publications developed in partnership with the Public Library Association.

Teacher giving visual presentation

Transition Toolkit


March 20, 2017

Heather Weiss, M. Elena Lopez, and Margaret Caspe

GFRP is developing new toolkits on key topics for those working to build strong and equitable anywhere anytime learning pathways for children from birth through school and beyond. Check out this toolkit on the transition to kindergarten and early elementary school.

Older children in library with teacher

Learning Pathways: Leading Our Children to Success in School and Life


November 14, 2016

Heather Weiss, M. Elena Lopez, and Margaret Caspe

Discover how communities are shaping learning anywhere, anytime for children and youth.