Creating equitable learning pathways for children and families.

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We connect people and knowledge to create equitable learning pathways—both in and out of school—for children and families around the globe.

Meet Mateo and experience his learning pathway, from birth to college.

Experience the Ecology of Learning, our vision for all children and families—especially those with the greatest needs.

An ecology of learning includes the places and interactions that offer opportunities for learning, development, and achievement throughout a person’s life. This environment inspires exploration, creativity, connections with others, and support in mastering skills at home, and in school, the community, and digital spaces.

Who we are

Global Family Research Project is an independent, entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that supports effective engagement practices and policies so that all children find success in and out of school.

We create a worldwide exchange of ideas that furthers the understanding and implementation of anywhere, anytime learning for all. With more than 30 years of leadership, we provide a research base and proven expertise for capacity building in schools, community-based organizations, philanthropic entities, and other related ventures.

What we do

We promote equitable family and community engagement in an ecology of learning that connects the home, school, and community.

Our Work

● Supports systemic approaches to family and community engagement

● Produces top-notch research

● Provides current news and resources to policymakers and practitioners

● Builds the capacity of organizations to engage families

● Designs professional learning opportunities, such as interactive cases, design thinking sessions, and communities of practice

● Delivers actionable guidance and tools for evidence-based approaches

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New and Noteworthy

Supporting Parents to Support Science
Sep 11

Early Childhood Education Family Engagement Research

Supporting Parents to Support Science

A survey of 1,400 parents and caregivers shows a need for families to support STEM learning at home, in schools, and in informal learning spaces. 

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Four Takeaways from STEM Programs That Empower Families
Sep 4

Family Engagement Digital Media Professional Learning

Four Takeaways from STEM Programs That Empower Families

STEM Next Opportunity Fund offers four promising practices for engaging caregivers in STEM in a variety of settings, including schools, libraries, public housing, community centers, and museums.  

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Minds On! Learning Through Play Promotes STEM
Aug 28

Early Childhood Education Family Engagement

Minds On! Learning Through Play Promotes STEM

In this blog, Jennifer Zosh describes the power of playful learning in promoting STEM.  

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Families Matter for STEM Learning
Aug 21

Family Engagement Early Childhood Education Professional Learning

Families Matter for STEM Learning

This video highlights the importance of family engagement in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning. 

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