Family Engagement Playbook

Sep 17 2019

Authors: Margaret Caspe, M. Elena Lopez, and Rachel Hanebutt

The Family Engagement Playbook is a collection of promising research-based approaches to strengthen individual competencies and organizational support.

The field of family engagement is being revitalized. Professionals in schools, libraries, early childhood and afterschool programs, and other organizations are turning away from programs and practices designed for families without their valuable input. Instead, today’s family engagement leaders are striving to include parents and other family members as essential partners in designing efforts to build relationships between families and strengthen their ability to support their children’s learning and healthy development.

Our Family Engagement Playbook captures many of the approaches, tools, and models that organizations are using to understand the concept of co-creation and get better at implementing it with their teams. We see this resource as part of an ongoing exchange of ideas, research, and tools for designing programs that are inclusive and respectful of all families. We welcome your feedback on how these models enhance your work.


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In a companion commentary, A Tool for Transformative Family Engagement, we outline:

  • The rationale behind the Playbook
  • The different facets of building capacity for co-creation, including shifting mindsets, relationships, and organizational practices
  • The different approaches in the Playbook and the outcomes they can bring
  • Ideas for using the Playbook in a range of different settings


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