New Resource to Support Children’s Learning and School Success

Feb 12 2019

Authors: Global Family Research Project and National PTA’s Center for Family Engagement

Developed from the report titled “Joining Together to Create a Bold Vision for Next-Generation Family Engagement,” GFRP and the National PTA have created a resource to support more equitable and effective approaches to family, school, and community partnerships.

Over the next few days, thousands of schools across the country will welcome parents, grandparents and other family members through their doors as part of the National PTA’s Take Your Family to School Week (February 10-17). But our organizations wanted to give parents, PTA leaders—and anyone who works in partnership with families—a resource for making family engagement much more than a single event.

Why Family Engagement Matters for Student and School Success” is a new tool that we—Global Family Research Project (GFRP) and National PTA’s Center for Family Engagement—have jointly created to share what research says about how families contribute to students’ success. We also hope it will spark new and ongoing conversations about how families, PTA leaders, and schools can work together to support more equitable and effective approaches to family, school, and community partnerships.

For a little background, the Center for Family Engagement is the National PTA’s initiative to create a vision for the future of family engagement that addresses the needs of today’s diverse families in a fast-changing world. The Center for Family Engagement aims to elevate the voice of families as critical partners in family engagement policy and practice, build leadership among PTA leaders to advocate for transformative family engagement policies and practices, and raise awareness about innovative and evidence-based approaches to family, school, and community partnerships.

Leslie Boggs, National PTA’s President-Elect, shares “We are excited to partner with Global Family Research Project on a tool that enables families to co-create more transformative approaches to family engagement in their homes, schools, and communities. This partnership has enabled us to make the latest research accessible and actionable for families and PTA leaders.”

“Sharing leading-edge research and the ways families, schools, and communities can use it is at the center of our work,” says GFRP Director Heather Weiss, “so we jumped at the invitation to collaborate with the PTA to develop this new resource for their and others’ use.” This resource is based on a report commissioned by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, which summarizes the many years of powerful research on why family members are so important to children’s learning and development. The report lays out all the valuable roles families play in schools and in creating access to other learning opportunities so that all students can be successful.

The report, and now this resource, lift up five areas where family engagement can have the greatest impact on children’s learning —attendance, sharing information on students’ progress, reinforcing children’s learning in areas such as literacy and STEM, using digital media, and participating in key transition periods in a child’s life.“Why Family Engagement Matters for Student and School Success,” presents this critical knowledge in simple, concise language and challenges families, PTAs—and others working with families—to consider what they have already accomplished in those five areas and to ask what more they can do to reach new families or build on existing efforts.

In addition to serving as a clearinghouse of innovative ways to partner with families, the Center for Family Engagement is also working to build local leadership for transformative family engagement through the National PTA Family Engagement Fellowship program. Four fellows from diverse communities across the country were the first to review and give feedback on this new tool, so we feel confident that parents and parent leaders will find it timely and useful.

Heather Losneck, a PTA leader from Berea City School District, Ohio, and a National PTA Family Engagement Fellow shared “My PTA at the middle school will be looking closer at how we can help support and promote a smoother transition into and out of middle school for our families.  As a parent, these are great reminders to check myself and give me a chance to re-evaluate, reconnect and reinforce with my kids.”

The resource will also be available in Spanish and Mandarin to reach as many families as possible, and we are excited about the potential it has to spark new, exciting ideas for engaging families in their children’s learning.

We look forward to hearing—and sharing—examples of how families are using the tool to put that “bold vision” into action. Click here to share your story!

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