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Parent Teacher Conference Tip Sheets: For Principals, Teachers, and Parents

October 10, 2017

Resources & Research From Global Family Research Project

Parent–teacher conferences are an important component of ongoing home–school communication and family involvement in children's education. These tip sheets—for principals, teachers, and parents—can help ensure that conferences achieve their maximum potential.

Designed to be used as a set, the tip sheets combine consistent information with targeted suggestions, so that parents and educators enter conferences with shared expectations and increased ability to work together to improve children's educational outcomes.

Now available in English and Spanish, this tool is a powerful resource for families and educators alike.

Download in English by clicking the icon below.

Download in Spanish by clicking the icon below.

This publication was originally developed by the Harvard Family Research Project. The Harvard Family Research Project separated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to become the Global Family Research Project as of January 1, 2017. It is no longer affiliated with Harvard University. Please direct all reprint requests to the Harvard Graduate School of Education.