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Key Resources on Afterschool Program and Policy Outcomes and Effectiveness

February 13, 2018

Compiled from the GFRP archives, this list of resources make the case for continued support and funding for afterschool programs and 21st Century community learning centers. 

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Fifteen Years of Evaluation of 21st Century Community Learning Centers: A Driver for Program Quality and Capacity in the Field

In this chapter for Expanding Minds and Opportunities, Heather Weiss, Director of Global Family Research Project, outlines the impact of 21st Century Community Learning Centers on learning and developmental outcomes for youth.

The following articles are also great, short reads on this topic.

Year-Round Learning: Linking School, Afterschool, and Summer Learning to Support Student Success

This brief, originally published by HFRP, looks at how different cities in the US are linking school, afterschool, and summer learning creating a connected learning environment.

Afterschool Programs in the 21st Century: Their Potential and What It Takes to Achieve It

This brief, originally published by HFRP, provides a good picture of where the research was in 2008 and makes implications for the future of the after school field.

The Transition to Afterschool: One City’s Approach to Connecting Young Children and Their Families to Learning and Enrichment Opportunities

This article highlights how an afterschool program in Cambridge, MA supports families and children in transitioning not only to kindergarten, but also to after school programs. 

You can also watch video Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.

Engaging Families Using the 5 Rs

By Margaret Caspe and M. Elena Lopez of the Global Family Research Project, this guest blog shares tips on tapping into students’ greatest resources - their families. You can also check out a visual on the 5Rs to use in your own materials and outreach.

Research Update: 21st Century Community Learning Centers: Stable Funding for Innovation and Continuous Improvement

This research update reviews evaluations and research studies that showcase innovations in afterschool programs supported by 21st CCLC funding.