Global Stories Interactive Map

May 9 2019

Authors: Christina Simpson and Rachel Hanebutt

Global Stories shares promising family and community engagement practices across continents.

We live in a global society where learning, connection, and innovation take place beyond national borders. An important thread in the global discourse on education is the important role of parents and families, especially as change agents of educational equity.

Global Stories Interactive Map offers brief snapshots of family and community engagement, especially as a strategy to achieve educational equity. The stories illustrate how schools, communities, and non-governmental organizations are intentionally bringing families to support better educational opportunities for children and youth.


Explore Global Stories

Global Stories

  • illustrates how family engagement is woven into a community’s pressing issues, such as peace, poverty, gender inequality, and women’s empowerment
  • describes family engagement in an ecology of learning that includes the home, school, and community facilities
  • benefit those who are seeking to learn and find inspiration from the experiences of other people in other countries


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